What Just Happened?

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Dating, like life, can be unpredictable.  One minute you’re expecting a normal day, the next something outrageous happens.  AvaPeeps, too, can be unpredictable.  One minute you’re going on a series of dates that involve talking, hanging out and eating, when, suddenly, your AvaPeep is whisked off on some bizarre adventure.

What’s going on?

These Special Dates are very different than a normal date, and can lead you to out of the way places or on a whirlwind tour.  Maybe you’ll end up on some crazy adventure in Vegas or canoodling under the stars by a campfire beneath a meteor shower.  Who knows?  They’re wild and unpredictable, and that’s the fun.

Haven’t been on a wild date yet?

Keep dating.  The only way to find out exactly what’s going on, is to go on a few dates with another Peep.  After a few dates, out of the blue you’ll be off on one of these Special Dates.


Auras and Special Effects!

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Hello and Happy New Year! Recently we added Premium Memberships to AvaPeeps and we figured we’d highlight a couple of the cool benefits: Auras and Special Effects.

With so many Peeps out there in FlirtNation, finding any way to stand out in the crowd is a great way to get asked out on more dates or meet more Peeps.  Both Auras and Special Effects offer bonuses that make your Peep really pop and snag that extra attention.

Make your Peep glow with this cool background that appears behind your Peep any time they appear on screen.   You can choose from a variety of different cool moving backgrounds.  Also, the auras come in tons of colors to match whatever outfit your Peep is sporting at the time.

Special Effects

Let your Peep’s personality pop with the addition of a cool special effect.  For those dancing divas, adding a disco ball can bring out just the right punch.  Or for those trouble makers, a little devil floating might entice other mischevious Peeps.  Or maybe your Peep is just a beach bum and you want the sun shining above their head 24/7.  There are plenty of effects to choose from and you can swap them any time.

Let us know what you think about these features at the Tell Us What You Think section of the Main Menu or in the comments section below.

The Team

AvaPeeps… now with PREMIUM awesome!

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The holiday season is a time of giving, so we’re offering something new to those AvaPeeps fans who want to up their status: Preferred Membership.

What Do I Get?

More Info: When you flirt with someone, you’ll see their age and location and they’ll see the same info about you, even if they’re not a preferred member.

Auras: Get a cool aura that projects out from behind your Peep.  Choose from 5 different auras that each come in a variety of colors.

Special Effects: Select any of 8 special effects to appear with your Peep to make them really pop out of that crowd.

How Do I Get It?

A 7 Day Membership costs 1000 AvaChips and a 30 Day Membership costs 3000 AvaChips.

How Long Does It Last?

As long as you want.  You can sign up in increments of 7 or 30 days, but sign up for as many days as you want all at once.  When your Preferred Membership is about to expire, your Peep will let you know it’s time to renew if you don’t want to lose all those goodies.

More Upgrades

We’ve also added a few other things to enhance your AvaPeeps experience:

– Favors have replaced Instant Matches as a reward for getting friends to sign up on AvaPeeps. You can trade in Favors for Instant Matches as well as other cool stuff.

– Changed flirting to more closely match people by location and age.

– Allowing people to pay with cash. (Note: be sure to include your Peep’s name in your envelope so we know whose account to credit.)

– Fixed a few bugs to make gameplay even better.

Hope you enjoy the new features and let us know if you have any questions at the Tell Us What You Think feature in the Main Menu.

Have fun!

The Team

P.S. Be sure to check out the Digital Chocolate games “Chocolate Shop Frenzy” and “Crazy Penguin Catapult” now available on the iPhone

Steady as She Goes

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We hope everyone is having a great time meeting new Peeps and going on tons of fun dates.  But for those who want a break from the fast-paced life of juggling mutiple dates (a la the great Zack Morris) maybe it’s time to take a shot at monogomy.  If you do find that special someone (you both like Chinese food and going to the zoo and talking about hip hop!) then maybe it’s time to go steady.

How do I go steady?

1) Find someone special who, you know, likes you back.
2) End all your relationships with everyone else by hitting “Don’t go out again” after a date. (Warning: If the date went well, this can lose you class points, so you might want to wait for a bad date to cut someone off.)
3) Make sure your partner does the same thing.
4) After some dates with your now monogomous partner, you will get a prompt aksing if you want to go steady!

Now what?

You’re happy, that’s what.  Continue to date and message with your special someone, as well as send messages to your friends.  If you’re feeling an itch to get back in the dating world, be careful. Dating while going steady will rob you of major class points.  Maybe to scratch that itch, spend some time trying to match up the Peeps on your friends list.

If you want to end your relationship, just say “Don’t go out again” at the end of your date .  And remember, when you’re letting them know that it’s over, be gentle.  No one likes a nasty Peep.

The Team

AvaPeeps is People!

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One of the best parts about AvaPeeps (there are so many!) is interacting with people from all over the world.  Making new, casual friends has never been so easy.  But what does the fact that Peeps are controlled by real people mean to how YOU play the game?

Real People Are Busy

Not everyone is on AvaPeeps every minute of every day (not that we’re against that.)  So if someone hasn’t responded to your date request or that message you sent, it’s probably because they haven’t checked in recently, and not because they don’t like you.  Have patience.

You Are Also Busy

When you’re gone for a little bit, they can still score hotties. To be sure that they’re bringing the right game to the field while you’re gone, hit “Teach Me” in the “Customize Me” section of the Main Menu to train your Peep so they’ll know how to interact with other Peeps.

Don’t Be Rude

It’s one thing to get a little sassy when you’re flirting, it’s another to offend someone.  If you encounter a Peep who is crossing the line, feel free to block them from contacting you.  The Block button appears during a date and when you view their profile from your Black Book or Friends list.  But be sure you REALLY want to block them because once they’re blocked, you can’t unblock them.

Let us know if you have any other questions about this by clicking ‘Tell Us What You Think’ in the Main Menu.

Have fun!
The Team


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Hope everyone is having a blast playing AvaPeeps. You’ve no doubt noticed that many things in the FlirtNation require AvaChips. So for anyone confused by what the deal is with AvaChips, here’s a little info.

What can I use AvaChips for?
– Ask out more hotties
– Hear how dates went
– Get into more exclusive hotspots
– Send customized messages

How do I get more AvaChips?

– Validate your e-mail: You’ll get a lump sum and also be registered for a daily allowance.
– Purchase: To buy more Chips at any time, click on the Buy More AvaChips at the top of the screen.

To learn more about AvaChips go to the Frequently Aked Questions section of www.AvaPeeps.com. Also, let us know if you have any questions or comments about AvaChips by hitting us up at the “Tell Us What You Think” section of the Main Menu.  Hope to hear from you soon.

The Team

Invite Your Friends

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AvaPeeps is about making new connections, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your old ones.  An awesome experience like AvaPeeps should be shared with all your friends. You wouldn’t want them to hold out on you if they had something as fun as AvaPeeps going on, would you?

To invite your friends to join click the “Invite and Share” button on the main menu or click on the “Invite and Share” postage icon on the left of the screen.  After that, there are three ways to invite them to AvaPeeps.

Share on MySpace, Facebook, IM: Follow this to post a link to AvaPeeps on your online profile or send it to your friends via instant messenger.
Invite Friends from Email Address Book: Send an invite through your personal Email. All you have to do is click and select what adresses off your contact list you want to hit up.  It’s super easy.  And don’t worry: we never share email addresses. That’s not cool.
Invite Friends by entering Email Addresses: Enter the Email addresses of specific friends you want to join in on the fun.

And while we know you love having your friends around, we’ll also reward you for getting them to join by hooking you up with free Power-Ups that you can use to hook up instantly with a smokin’ hottie!

Of course, you can shoot them the link to http://www.AvaPeeps.com (or tell them about it or send a smoke signal) on your own. That works okay, but you won’t get free power-ups unless you invite them through the game. So unless you hate free stuff, be sure to click when you see “Invite and Share” on the screen.

Enjoy the game!

The Team